Guilt Trip

This Saturday was the first time in a couple of weeks that I got to see M. Between my busy school schedule and M’s demanding swimming outings with his grandma, sometimes we aren’t able to find time to hang out. So this Saturday, I was very excited to see him. I told M’s mom to ask him what he wanted to do–I would take him wherever he wanted.

“Ok Becca,” M said as he bounced through my door Saturday morning. “I got so many moneys and we ready go Toys R Us.”

He dropped $40 onto my lap and grinned. $40 for toys. And it wasn’t even his birthday. I laughed and said ok, but there were a few errands I had to run and he would have to come with me.

“Noooooooo Becca how about we not go,” M whined.

“It will only take a few minutes, I swear,” I told him. “Then we’ll go straight to Toys R Us.”

I had to stop at two different places to take photos for a journalism assignment. Ideally, I would have tried to take the photos on my own time, but that might have meant not seeing my toy-loving homie for another consecutive weekend and I wouldn’t have liked that one bit.

M and I drove across town to do the first set of photos. My photo subject, my aunt, has three pugs, which M did not like at all.

“Ok, ok please. Ok no more, please,” he said to the three drooling, loud-breathing dogs as they jumped all over his lap.

We drove next to Francee’s Brew Hut on Grant Ave. I took photos for an article I had written while M waited patiently. This shoot took a little longer than I expected.

“Next, we go to Toys R Us,” M told Francee, the store owner. “Becca just needs to finish her homework.”

And so finally, we did. When we got to Toys R Us, M went straight to a toy car he wanted to buy. It was $49.99.

“M, that’s $50,” I said. “That’s so expensive for a car.”

“But it comes with all the ‘cessories, look Becca,” M said, pointing to three different spoiler options for the race car. I sighed.

I’m not sure if it was my guilt for having made M follow me around on my photo shoots all day or how adorable he sounded trying to say “accessories,” that made me buy him a $50 plastic car. Maybe it was a combination of both. But M gave the lady his $40 and I paid the remaining $25 for the car, which came to $60 with tax and our donation to Autism Speaks.

“Wow, Becca. I love this one,” said M from the back seat on our way home. “Want me to show you all the ‘cessories?”



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