Just Hanging Around

M stood in the doorway of his house, his hands around his mom’s waist.

“Please, how about just a little one?” M said, resting his chin on his mom’s abdomen so he could look up at her.

“No, you have seven dollars for snacks,” M’s mom said firmly. “No toys today.”

No toys today. Then what would we do? M and I got in my little black Toyota and started driving. M plugged my phone into the auxiliary jack in my car and started playing with Snapchat.

M loves Snapchat. He films himself screaming and giggling and then reverses the video. The reverse and slow and fast motion features of Snapchat are fairly new features on the app, but M already knows how to manipulate them like a pro. M also likes to send these videos of himself to my ex-boyfriend. This kid, I tell you.

We drove to The Forks. It was a warm Saturday so it was packed. We circled the parking lot three times before I found a spot. A busker was playing his saxophone just outside of the market. I started to dance, spinning and jumping in the snow. M put his palm to his forehead and said,

“Oh my God, Becca. You’re so silly. Stop it. You’re crazy.”

We only were at The Forks for a total of about 20 minutes. Once inside, M went straight to the candy store to get a Coke in a glass bottle, one of his favourite treats from The Forks. He took all seven of his dollars and laid them on the counter at the candy store.

“Here you go,” he said to the cashier. She sifted through the coins to find the amount he owed and returned the rest to him laughing.

Next, M walked straight to the elevator. He wanted to go to the top and look down at the river. In the elevator, he said he was so scared, but I know he wasn’t.

Up, up, up.
Looking down at skaters on the Red river.

M and I left The Forks after our trip in the elevator. We went back to my house to go for an afternoon dip in the hot tub. The last time I took M in the hot tub, it was still fairly warm outside, or at least, there wasn’t snow on the ground.

This time, M and I ran barefoot over the hardened snow and threw ourselves into the hot water. When your bare skin is exposed to the air at 20 degrees below zero, you don’t really have any choice. At first, the temperature upset M. He wrapped his arms and legs around me so tightly, I thought I would need to take him back inside the house. But after a minute or two, his muscles loosened up. He dunked his head under. He laughed. He splashed me. We sat in the water and had thumb wars. He won. We just hung around.

As M got his shoes on to go home, he yawned.

“We had such a very fun day,” he said. “Maybe we do again next time, ok, Becca?”



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