Long, Cold Winters

As I write this right now, I’m trying to think of an activity for M and me to do today. I’ll pick him up this afternoon and he’ll most likely request that we spend an hour or two in the toy store. I usually try to think of activities that are more creative than buying toys but in the winter I find it difficult.

I hate winter. There, I said it. I’d rather stay inside for all 5-6 months of winter than “make the most of it” as my mom always tells me to do. I’ve never really liked tobogganing or skiing, and I think I only like the idea of skating. So during winter, when I’m trying to plan a day for me and my 9-year-old partner in crime, I tend to fall back on toy shopping excursions and movie dates.

Today, I was thinking taking a leap of faith and taking M skating. The last time we went skating was last year. We went to Harbourview Park, where there is a lovely little pond surrounded by fields of tall, rolling prairie grass.

M didn’t know how to skate, but I tied his skates up tight like my mom and dad used to do for me and we waddled down to the pond. M fell. M fell a lot. But being the trooper that he is, he laughed and resorted to sliding around the ice on his knees. I used my extremely limited knowledge of hockey to teach M how to shoot a puck. I sat on the ice and slid the puck to him slowly so he could hit it. He raised the stick so quickly that it threw him off balance and he fell. We did this a few times until the tip of his hockey stick finally tapped the puck I slid to him, changing the course of its direction ever so slightly. It was no slap shot, but he hit it!

“Becca I did it! Did you look? I did it!” he yelled triumphantly.

IMG_1933 (1)
M the man

I bet if I took M skating today, he’d be even better than he was last time. I bet I’d have so much fun laughing and sliding on the ice with M. I bet it would even be worth it if my toes did that thing where they get so cold they feel like they’re on fire, which I do bet would happen. Seriously, I bet we’d have a good time. But I’m about to call M on the phone, and when I ask him if he’d like to go skating today, I really bet he’ll just say,

“No Becca, it’s so cold. How about we go to Toys R Us.”

IMG_1944 (1)
Those “I don’t know how to skate, please don’t make me skate anymore” feels



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