Movie Night!

This past Monday, I came home from school, sunk back into my bed in my dark cave of a basement bedroom and thought to myself,

“I’m not going to make it through this one.”

And I meant it. I had no idea how I would finish all the assignments due throughout the week, never mind finish them to any quality standard.

I spent the weeknights sitting at my dining room table until two or three in the morning, my eyes dry and red from staring at my computer screen.

On Friday morning, I slept through my alarm and missed the beginning of an important seminar at school. Maybe it was a result of lack of sleep, or maybe I just hadn’t set my phone to a high enough volume, but I woke up with five minutes to get downtown from my North Kildonan home and immediately burst into tears.

By the end of that day, I was ready to go back to my cave and stay there for 1,000 hours, but I had a date. M and I were going to see Kung Fu Panda 3–in 3D. If anything, I hoped, the movie would help me erase the humiliating image of my snivelling 21-year-old self tying my winter boots with tears running down my face like a cranky six-year-old.

I hadn’t showered in almost two days, but I picked M up and we took the bus to the movie theatre.

Dancing at the bus stop

“Is the moon out yet, Becca?” M asked from his seat at the back of the bus 11. M is always fascinated by the sunset. “I don’t see anymore the sun.”

“No, I don’t see it,” I said.

“Well, I know a love song about the moon,” said M with a smile. I laughed and asked him to sing it.

“The moooon,” he began loudly. The tired faces around us on the bus didn’t seem to notice.

“Is soooooo stiiiiinkyyyyy,” he sang, his fist holding an imaginary microphone in front of his mouth.  That was the end of the love song.

In the movie theatre, M held the popcorn on his lap and used both hands to shovel it into his mouth. We had been sitting in the theatre for all of seven minutes before the bag toppled off of his lap and half of our $10 popcorn spilled out on the theatre floor.

“Oh, oops,” said M.

The movie started and I watched as M reacted enthusiastically to each scene. He was even more fascinating to watch than the cartoon animals doing advanced kung fu on the screen. He sat with his hands covering his mouth and his eyes wide. When the action rose in the film, he buzzed with excitement and flapped his hands so wildly that he knocked off his 3D glasses.

Best movie ever!

Kung Fu Panda 3 is a great movie, you guys. Jack Black as Po, the goofy, martial arts-doing panda is hilarious.

At the beginning of the film, Po is ordered to teach his friends kung fu, but it turns out he is a horrible teacher. Discouraged and humiliated, Po decides to give up on teaching. But before he can walk away, Po’s mentor, Master Shifu tells him,

“If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now.”

I flashed back to my Friday morning and the image of me snivelling all over my Sorel winter boots. It occurred to me that I had actually made it through the week. In fact, at that moment, sitting with my best little buddy in the theatre, I was more than I had been on Monday (even if my hair was unwashed and I ate popcorn for dinner). And even if my college career has more weeks like this one in store for me, I’ll just have to take Master Shifu’s advice and become more than I am now. And if I’m lucky, I can have sweet movie dates with my main man M at the end of those weeks too.

Sayounuara ❤




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