Last week, I posted about M’s ninth birthday. I saw him on the Friday that was his actual birthday and we filmed our fun little interview. But on Saturday, I was invited to join M and his family for cake, hot dogs and pin-the-tail-on-the-pig to celebrate M’s special day.

In the few years that I’ve known M, he has become a part of my family. The rest of my family loves him as much as I do and when he’s over at our house, even my parents get in on zombie-themed tag, snowman building in the winter and bike rides in the summer.

One day, M came over as my mom was arranging framed family photos along the wall.

“Oh, ok that is so cool,” M said as he ran his finger over a photo of me as a child. “But where’s me?”

“Well I don’t have any pictures of you, M,” said my mom with a laugh.

“Ok, well next time you have one of me?” M asked.

Although we laughed, M asked about his lack of representation on the Dahl’s photo wall nearly every time he came over.

“Where’s me?”

“What about M?”

“How about you put picture of me?”

Months later, my mom finally had a photo of M and me printed and hung it among the family photos on the wall. The next time M came over, he noticed immediately. He smiled proudly, like he’d just earned an award.

“HEY,” he said. “It’s me, who put it? That’s me and Becca!”

M was so excited to be included in our family representation, but it only made sense. He really is the little brother I never had. This past Saturday at M’s birthday party, I was able to share that feeling. I met M’s grandma, auntie and cousins whom he talks so much about. Family really is the best and I’m grateful for the connections I made with M’s.





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