End of 1st Semester

This Friday, right now as I write this last-minute blog post, marks the end of my first semester in Creative Communications. The last few weeks have been so stressful. I haven’t slept well in ages, I’ve been living off of frozen taquitos and macaroni–lots of it– and I haven’t seen M in over two weeks. I feel like a zombie, you guys.

M has started texting me off of his mom’s phone whenever he can get it in his hands, which is hilarious. It sounds clichĂ© to say that it makes me smile when I see his texts, but I literally do. The conversations usually go something like this:

“Hey Becca, is M.”

“Hey buddy, what’s up?”


“How are you?”



Tomorrow, I will see M and take him to do whatever he wants because classes are done for three weeks and I haven’t been to Toys R Us in what feels like ages. First though, I’m going to sleep.



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