“We go see Inside Out outside now, Becca?”

For you Winnipeggers who didn’t check out ManyFest this past weekend, throw it on your bucket list for next summer. It’s awesome. The fifth annual downtown festival had Winnipeggers flocking to Broadway to take in food trucks, live music and the artisans’ market. That was just the start. At night, Broadway glowed with LED lights, fire performers and candlesticks for everyone. Those who didn’t hit the beer garden too hard on Saturday night killed it in ManyFest’s early morning races on Sunday. Embarking at Memorial Park, participants completed a 10 km, 30 km, or 10-mile run through our lovely downtown.

It was my first time at ManyFest and I hadn’t admired my own city so much in years. I savoured a few Rock Creek Dry Ciders and a phenomenal falafel from Falafel Queen on Saturday night. But the magic, without a doubt, came from looking around at happy, dimly lit faces on a hot September night in my hometown.

M & I decided it was only natural to end our weekend with ManyFest’s movie in Memorial Park on Sunday evening. They were showing Inside Out, a new Disney Pixar animation and one of M’s current favourites. I was stoked but it was a difficult concept for M to grasp.

“They put the T.V. outside?”

“We sit on the couch?”

“How about we go to Toys R Us?”

Once we arrived, M could not stop flapping his hands. He was thrilled. We grabbed a Coke, wrapped ourselves in blankets and waited for the huge inflatable screen to be set up.

“I’m so excited Becca! I’m so excited,” he squealed.

Waiting patiently for Inside Out to start

This is when my heart broke: The screen was up. M was on his feet jumping, hands gone wild, but Winnipeg wind had a different idea for our evening. After an unseasonably hot weekend, it accelerated quickly and threw the movie screen to the ground. It was too windy; there would be no movie.

“They are fixing it, Becca? We see Inside Out outside?”

M stayed standing. His smile had faded and his little brow creased as he watched people pack up their chairs.

“Oh my goodness,” I exclaimed, slamming my palm to my forehead. “I can’t believe this!”

I needed to be dramatic so M would see he wasn’t the only one who was disappointed. I thought I needed to divert his attention but to my relief, I didn’t really need to do anything.

“It’s ok Becca,” M replied to my convincing performance. “What do you want to do now?”

He was comforting me.

“We could go for a walk,” I suggested tentatively.

He nodded slowly, taking a few moments to consider before accepting my offer.

“Ok Becca. Ok let’s go for walk.”

So we did.

Photo by Juan Pablo Sandoval

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