Introducing Us

He’s smart and he’s kind. He’s dark and he’s handsome. He survives almost exclusively on chicken fingers and pancakes. He’s eight years old and he lights up my world. We’ll call him M. M has Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Autism is a confusing and misunderstood disorder. I began spending time with M, who regularly kicks Autism’s butt, almost three years ago. Today, after years of getting to know Autism Spectrum Disorder and learning to teach A.B.A. (Applied Behaviour Analysis) programs, I still don’t fully understand it. Nonetheless, I learn more every day that I spend with M–and not just about A.S.D. I am perpetually inspired by this little man and would not be who I am today had I not met him and his family. Here, I will share the photos and memories that M and I make together. I’ll share the ones that make me smile and the ones that make me cry; the ones that we are proud of and the ones that we are not, because it’s not often in life that you come across a small package that is capable of making you feel such big things. Hope you can keep up!


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